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Lenze Right-angle gearboxes

Right-angle gearboxes

Thinking outside the box.

As robust right-angle gearboxes, bevel gearboxes are perfectly suited to roller conveyors. The same applies when it comes to precise operation at the workstation.

This has meant that the bevel gearbox, with its numerous advantages, is now an integral part of most applications.

Helical-bevel gearboxes or helical-worm gearboxes can be used as an alternative, although these are often less efficient or considerably larger.

G350-B smart geared motor

G350-B smart geared motor

New freedom in motion for engineers. The g350 smart geared motor reduces the number of different drive versions by up to 70%. There is no contactor or starter, you can set whatever fixed speeds you like and there are lots of integrated functions for materials handling applications. The smart motor also meets the strictest energy efficiency requirements and allows for really convenient operation via a smartphone.

The setting range of 45 to 220 rpm and maximum torque of 25, 50 or 75 Nm make the g350 smart geared motor the perfect solution for conveying boxes and containers horizontally.

G500-B bevel gearboxes

G500-B bevel gearboxes

The efficient bevel gearboxes are characterized by high permissible radial forces, closely stepped ratios and a low backlash.

They are available in a 2- and 3-stage design with a torque of up to 177015 lb-in (20000 Nm) and a ratio of up to i=360.